Podcasts, Interviews, and Other Things

1. [Podcast] Breaking Into Startups Ep. 101

“How A College Dropout Became A Senior Engineer at Netflix - Rich Smith”

I sat down with Ruben Harris, and Timur & Artur Meyster and we talked about perseverance, how I taught myself to code and worked my way up to Netflix, dealing with impostor syndrome, and a lot of other gems. Check out the full interview, here.

2. [Podcast] Revision Path Podcast Ep. 299

Rich explained his process behind designing at Netflix, and talked about what drew him to work there after moving out to the Bay Area. Rich also shared a tale about his journey from design to software engineering, mentioned what first got him interested in tech, and talked about his mentoring and volunteer work with /dev/color. Rich’s story is proof that even when you’re stuck, something as simple as a change in perspective can help empower you to move forward.

3. [Feature] LinkedIn Top Companies 2018: Netflix

Netflix was chosen by LinkedIn as a top company to work for in 2018, and I was featured in this video sharing my experiences of what it's like to work at Netflix.

4. [Recap] Dream Hustle Code - VisionScape 2019

Dream Hustle Code came to the Bay Area to visit tech companies and meet people of color who work at them, so I decided to host them for a tour of Netflix! Check out the video recap of their entire trip, here.

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